Advice on dating an army man

Therefore dating an armyman for me was exactly what I wanted.

I am mostly careless about my things and I would really like if my partner chooses to be thoughtful and gives me beneficial opinions. In the battlefield, they would always be ready to give up their lives for the nation and would give it at the cost of many other men.

Even if an officer of higher rank than your partner addresses you, you would be ' Madam'.

If he wasn’t so incredible, I wouldn’t even be here right now because…I don’t know, deployment is so scary.

People in forces tend to be very caring about their families and partner. The times he spend makes him very much of a humane being, although he would be very tough on the exterior but any trouble to his loved one aches his heart more than anyone else.

He will always extend a helping hand towards anyone in need.

In my case, I become all teary eyed and hug him so tight to never let him go.

Men or women serving in army are perfectionists and have a special eye for detail.

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